Nevada Gun Rental Special

Enhance your firearm skills 8 hrs. $1000.00


Up to 5 individuals. Additional participants can join at $160 per person.

This is at a private facility. This is the only 1 mile range in Northern Nevada.

If you do not have a firearm, we can provide one for you at $50 for the day.

Courses we offer: You will be at the range a minimum of 8 hours. Plan accordingly.

Tactical pistol, rifle, shotgun and long Distance and close quarters. Our training includes move and shoot, barricade shooting, defensive tactics with pistol and rifle. weak hand and strong hand shooting. Prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions. You will be given trainings that you can take away and use at home.

If you wish to develop other skills, let us know and we will make the traininig around your needs or provide a special course for you based upon your criteria or needs.

We use self healing targets, metal targets and situational paper targets. All of these are included.

Call or text us and make your reservations now. 775 741 0735.

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