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Updated: Saturday, October 01, 2022

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Call anytime. Available 24/7

Call or text us at 775 741 0735 (you can email us too at and make your reservation today.

We have our own private range. Distances from 15 feet to 1 mile yards.

Your safety is our greatest concern. We want you to have fun. We use NRA Ceritified range safety officers.
You can substitue any of our other guns for guns in the Military shoot.

All packages are per person price. Packages include ammo, eye and ear protection, targets and instruction and coaching.
Tactical instruction can be added at $100 per hour per person . Home defense training.
***** Packages can not be split. *****

Important Note: If you are an illegal alien or if you have lost your right to bear arms through litigation, think twice about shooting at any range. Convicted felons simply cannot possess any kind of firearm. Don't risk being a "Felon In Possesson of a Firearm." It is 10 years in prison. It is not a good idea for a felon to go to any shooting range for a number of legal reasons. 1968 Gun Control Act

Best Value Package $480 Select any 10 guns from our inventory.
Defend your home package. 2 Day course. Private range time included $600 We come to your home and help you lay out a defense plan and well as show you different shooting positions. The second day we go to the range and practice shooting. Additional people $150 for 3 hrs of range time only. No additional charge for day one.
45 Caliber Package (5 guns) $260 Pick any 5 of 45 caliber firearms to shoot. Kimber, Colt, Judge, Raging Bull 454 cashul, Para Ordance, Baby Eagle 45, Kris vector 45, 45 mac 10 semi auto. Ammo Included, one mag each up to 7 rounds.
Ladies Special (5 guns) home defense $295 4 hours course, pick 3 pistols and 1 rifle and 1 shotgun. Limited ammo included. You can bring more ammo if you like or you can buy from us.
Semi auto / Full auto compairson (4guns)

Outdoor range only

$280 You pick 3 semi autos. Compare to Mp5 full auto and Mac 11 full auto (25) rounds per mag)
Military Shoot (9 Guns)

Indoor BMG excluded

$295 Ar 15, Ak 47, Mp5, Fn 2000, Tivor 9mm, 9mm glock 34, 9mm sig 320 military, 92 f Beretta, 454 Casull, 50 Bmg.
Select any 3 guns $200 From our list (no full autos)
Select any 3 plus a Full auto $240 (4Guns) Ak47, Ar15, Sks, Uzi, Fn2000, Sig 556, Aug, Golani 223, M1 Garand, M-14 with 1 Full auto (mp5 or mac 11)
Israel Shoot Out $250 (7guns) Tavor, Uzi, Galani, Desert Eagle 50, Baby Eagle 45 and Baby Eagle 9mm, 9mm masada
James Bond Package $200 (3Guns) Pick 3 of the following: PPKs, AK 47, 44 Mag, Mac 11, Fn PS90, 1911 Colt, Mp5 (select only 1 full auto)
US Army Shoot out $360 (10 guns) M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M-14, Ar 10, Ar15 Vietnam era, Ar 15 M4, Ar 50, 1911/45 cal, 1903, 92f Beretta.
Shoot any 6 hand guns $280 (6pistols) Shoot any 6 calibers pistols (ammo included full mag up to 10 rounds) for only $200. Pick any 6 from 38 special, 380 cal, 9mm, 357 mag, 44 mag (4 rounds), 44 special, 45 caliber, 45 Long Colt (4rounds), 454 Casul (2 round and three 45 Long Colt) .
Russian Package $240 (6guns) Ak-47 (7.62x39) (10r) , Ak-74 (5.45x39) (5r), Dragunov sniper rifle (7.62x54)(5r), SKS(7.62x39)(5r), Naguant m44 and Saiga 12 gage shotgun (5r)
Shotgun Comparison $220 (6gun) Self Defense shotgun package comparison: 870 Remmingtion Tactical, Mossberg Bull pup, CZ-16, Saga 12 gage, Saga 20 gage and Judge 410 pistol
Undecided/ New to Pistol Package. Try them all! $899
(20 guns)
add additonal people $400pp
22cal: Tarus, Beretta, Ruger, Walther, Buckmark. 380: Beretta M84, Tarus TCP, PPKS. 38 Spl: Ruger revolver, LCR, S&W Body Guard. 9mm. revolver, S/Da, Striker, SA. 357 Mag: Tarus 626, S&W Mod 19. 45 Cal: DA/S, SA. 45 long colt/ 410: Judge 2.5 in, 3in. (5 rounds each) , 92 f beretta, Masada,
Difference between Semi Auto Pistols $200 (4 guns) Striker fire (ie Glock, XD), DA/S (double action/single action ie: cz, Baby Eagle, SA (single action ie:1911) (10 rounds each with explination of differences), Cowboy
Tactical Pistol Target Range with coaching. $100 an hour With package

Shoot our tactical pistol or rifle target course. Move and shoot from target to target with pistol or rifle of your choice. Add this to your package for only $100/hr. $125/hr with out package. Includes 50 rounds and coaching. You may bring extra ammo at no charge. You can not do this on a California range. 2 hr minimum.
Family Package $595 Same family up to 5 members. You pick 4 guns for the family to shoot. we give you 2 practice guns. Price includes safety instruction, limited ammo, eye protection, ear protection, targets and range fee. Great way to teach the kids or brush up on your family skills. Active shooter discusson incuded.
AR 15 Comparison Package $200 (4 guns) Shoot various AR15s in a short 7 in barrel, m4 16 in , Acog on slide fire slide fire 18 inches and Vietnam solid stock 20 inch. shoot and feel how each one handles. Great comparison for those who don't know what to buy and want to try different styles.
Sniper Package. No training $995 (9 guns) 7 hrs Mosin Nagant, Springfield 1903, Ar 50 (50bmg), m-14, ar-10, 6.5 creedmore, 223 remington, howa 7.6.x39, PRT 32 7.62x 39
Die Hard Villain Package $190 (3 guns) Hk P7-8 (2 mags), Mp5 (1 mag) Styer Aug (1 mag)
50 Bmg Package (1 AR 50 , Big Boy 50 Cal.) $700 10 rounds of 50 Bmg ( not subject to discounts) additional rounds $30 each. 2 bolt rifles included to practice. Limited ammo. 1 mile target shoot included.
Micro 9mm comparison $295 (9 guns) Sig SAS, Hellcat, Baby Eagle short barrel, Ruger revolver 9mm, Simth&Wesson M&P 9mm EZ, HK P7-8, Glock 19, CZ rami
Striker Fire comparison $280 (7 guns) Glock 34, Glock 19, Masada, Canik, XDM, Sig SAS, Hell Cat
9mm carbine comparison $280 (9 guns) AR-15 9mm, MP5 semi auto, chris Vector 9 mm, high point 9mm, uzi, Roni 9mm, Tavor, Ruger carbine (short and long barrel)
Rules: Please know these before you come on the range. We will go over these several times while you are at the range. 

1. Finger off the trigger at all times until you are ready to shoot.
2. Firearm is treated as always loaded.
3. Do not point the firearm at anything you do not intend to destroy.
4. Know what is behind the target before you shoot.
5. If you drop a firearm, DO NOT catch it.
6. Have fun

ID is required. We do not ask but if you can not possess a firearm legally andyou are caught , it is a federal crime and punishable by 10 year in prison if convicted.

Aug50 bmg
240 Bravo Belt Fed50 Cal Belt Fed. Ma Duce
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